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A Personal Note from Dr. Friedman:
I began losing my hair in my early 20s. My barber at the time told me about hair transplants and hairpieces. I chose to undergo hair transplantation since I wanted a permanent solution not something temporary. The procedure I underwent was the archaic transplanting of hair plugs which looked like pencil erasers.

To say that hair transplantation was a life changing experience would be a huge understatement. At the time, I was working as a psychologist and family counselor and was thinking about applying to medical school to become a psychiatrist.

Everything changed. I kept thinking that there has to be a better way of restoring hair with a natural and undetectable appearance.

After starting medical school, I decided that although psychiatry was an important field to society, I could help patients more by being a dermatologist who specialized in hair transplantation. Who has more compassion for hair loss patients than a doctor who experienced it himself and underwent hair transplantation? - Check Out Johnjays Head !

Today, after practicing dermatology and hair restoration for 26 years, I can look back with some small measure of pride for the more than 15,000 men and women I've treated for hair loss and thinning hair across three decades. I've learned a lot in that time from my patients, my professional colleagues, and from the best teacher of all, experience.

In 2010 I wrote and published a book entitled: To Bald, or Not To Bald? Although it sold well and received good reviews, in 2012 I decided I could help more people by putting the entire book online, for free, so that it could reach more people who might benefit from what my 26 years has taught me. So with my new website, DrShellyFriedman.com, I present you with that information, complete with new photos, diagrams and updated information. I hope it benefits you, the reader.

Hair Loss, Society & Self-Image
Throughout man’s time on earth, hair has played an important role in making a statement about oneself. Hair and its appearance could reflect beauty, modesty, pride, discipline, adventure, daringness, cleanliness, scruffiness, etc. So much so, the military and prisons crop hair very short or even shaved to create uniformity and remove individuality.

Men and women have applied themselves rigorously to the problem of holding on to what hair remains, against the merciless decimation wrought by Male Pattern or Female Pattern Hair Loss (also called Androgenetic Alopecia). Hair loss can make a person feel unhappy about his or her image and lower self-esteem. Educating oneself about hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy, and hair loss medications could be the first step to regaining confidence, and returning to a more positive approach to life.

Although it is usually an unwanted sign of ageing, hair loss may no longer be inevitable. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this website, you will understand the proven, effective treatment options that have become so popular. In further pages of this website, you will realize that hair loss is a problem that can be solved with new and exciting methods that will be explained in detail as we move along.

We live in a new era of medical innovation and possibilities. Advances in medical research, technology, and surgical techniques have restored patient’s faith in the field of medical and surgical hair restoration.

Natural, Undetectable New Hair
Whether you are a man with a receding hairline, and a bald spot, or a woman with thinning hair or a hairline that is too high, we can help you restore your lost hair with a method of transplanting hair that promises natural, undetectable looking results. Follicular unit hair transplantation is the Gold Standard amont hair transplant doctors worldwide because it transfers hair from the donor region to new areas by replicating naturally occuring "follicular units" in which hair grows together in 1, 2, and 3 hair bundles. Since hair grafts can't get any smaller than 1 hair, the results we achieve for our patients are completely natural looking. No one will never know that you had a hair transplant unless you tell them.

The steps we take to improve the results and experience for our patients at our state of the art facility in Arizona go far above giving our patients natural looking new hair. We have also pioneered a faster healing protocol, achieve greater hair density, place our grafts in precisely the right positions and angles, and now offer low level light therapy which can stop further hair loss and actually grow hair back for patients with certain kinds of hair loss.

Special Offer:
At the Scottsdale Institue for Cosmetic Dermatology, we are accustomed to treating patients from all over the United States who come to us for help. This year, we announced a new special offer to reach more people. We've reduced our prices to a more affordable $3.95 per hair graft and included an up to $500 Travel Allowance to help reimburse you for your travel expenses. We want to be your hair restoration clinic and invite you to Contact or Email Us today to learn more about our special offer and how we can give you your hair back.

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Special Offer:
Dr. Friedman's patients benefit from his double board certification, and 26 years of hair transplant & restoration experience treating 15,000+ Men & Women with hair loss & thinning hair.

He is now offering all this under a new Low Cost Hair Transplant Surgery Plan with $3.95 Hair Grafts and up to $500 in travel allowance savings. Contact him today to start an informative & friendly conversation about your hair restoration goals.


Dr. Shelly Friedman

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